Frequently Asked Questions About Independent Escorts in Bangalore

I am launching this page exclusively for the new clients who are approaching me for hiring the best escorts girl in Bangalore for the first time. This information will help us to avoid the common misunderstandings and make a great day ahead.

1. How can I make sure that I am going to have fun with a genuine independent escorts?The profiles which I have shown in my personal website are real independent escorts only. You will feel the quality of the profile with their communication and the way they are treating the clients. Most of them are working professionals. And the most important point is you are dealing with them only. You are giving the gift amount directly to them And no one will interfere in the deal. I think this is enough to make sure that you are dealing with a high profile independent escorts girl.

2. Shall I get the very same profile which I have chosen?Please don’t compare my services with any low class escorts agency services. I am dealing with the elite class people only and I have lots of satisfied regular clients across the city. I will send the real pictures of the available escorts profiles to your WhatsApp number. Choose the best one and plan your event. It is better to come and pick the girl so you can make sure that you are going to have the good time with the very same girl which you have chosen.

3. Shall I get modelling profiles for escorting me?Of course, but it is not at all easy to hire a model girl. The client has to plan for the same minimum one week before. And I will make sure that the client really needs it and he is eligible to hire such a profile. Once I confirmed I will send the details of every available model profile. The client has to choose one and make necessary steps as per my suggestions. Modelling girls will never like to publish their names while going for the confidential services. So the client has to respect her privacy.

4. The pictures in your website are real?I am offering real independent escorts services. Independent means, the profiles will never reveal that they are offering this services to their clients. They are hidden in the society and even the close friends will never understand whether your friend is enjoying their life as an independent escorts in Bangalore. So how can I post their pictures in such a public place like my personal website. I have taken all these pictures from other websites to show the attraction of the girls. The pictures are fake and the names are also fake. Real details will directly shared with the clients.

5. Which is the safe communication system for hiring an escort?I prefer email communication. Just create a new email and send me mail asking the details and revealing your personal details. I will send the information so you can revert on that. Such communication will never come out and it will remain secret for your entire life. I am making sure that my client is getting enough support to keep his personal details in secret.

6. How the charges differs?Quality id the measure of gift amount. I have different levels of profiles offering different types of services. Client can choose based on the type of the services. Model profiles are taking more and other working professionals are comparatively less. We can discuss it while you are contacting me for the services.

7. Will you keep my details in your phone?Never, as I told you I am giving most importance to the personal life and privacy of my dear clients. I will never save any number of clients. My regular clients know about me, they are completely comfortable with my services and privacy policies. And I request you to don’t save my details within your personal phone. I promise you that I will never keep any bit of information about you or any clients.

8. Are you running an escorts agency?No, I am not running an escorts agency. I am an independent escorts girl offering my services directly to my clients. I have a very good network among the genuine independent escorts in the city. Whenever I am busy I am giving works to others. We have a very good relationship and trust each other. The independent escorts have their family, job and privacy.

9. Shall I get the real worth of my money?Of course you will. The profiles are real high profile and they can do the best erotic activities for their clients. If you have any special requirements you have to ask it to me and make sure that you will get the very same service. It is my mission to deliver the most dedicated and worthy services for my precious clients. You can go through the testimonials for more details of our services. And you can feel how the girls met the requirements of the clients.

10. Do you have travel escorts for business trips?Yes, you will get the outstanding profiles for your business trips. They will give you the real business class service and more fun for the travelling. The client has to get the appointment and choose the profile one week before and convince the girl by sending the details of the trip. The gift amount should be fixed by mutual discussion and should handover half of the amount while starting the trip.

11. Your in-call place is safe?My in-call service is not offered to all the clients because I need to keep it safest place for meeting my clients. I am always preferring out-call service at any branded star hotels in the city. If you need in-call escorts service you should be regular client or ready to give all the personal details to make me convinced that you are a true client and offering in-call escorts services will not affect the privacy of the place.

12. If I need the escorts girl at my place, what I have to do?You can plan it based on your feel of comfort. If you are planning out-call at your residence I prefer the client should come down to my place and pick the girl to your place. If it is star hotel the girl will directly come to your place. Before stating to your hotel room the girl will call your hotel number and make sure that you are staying at the same hotel and same room number.

13. Shall I make the payment by online transferring or any other digital transfer?It’s all based on the girl you hire. If she is ready for that you can do that but the service will start only after the amount credited in her account. You can pay by card if you are dealing out of the hotel. I am always preferring cash transaction as the other digital transactions have their own limitations. And some of the transactions are taking too much time and all deals are accounted with Government authorities.

14. What are the limitations with your escorts service? Number of sessions are always limited as per the gift amount fixed. If you are hiring a girl for the full night service the time is limited for 8 hours after that the girl will leave your place. Most of the escort girls are offering complete services so no limitations in service activities. Sometimes it differs base on the profile but she will disclose the whole details of the services before you hire.

15. Are you offering dating service?I am offering it myself and I have some special profiles offering the romantic dating services within the Bangalore city. If you are hiring a girl only for dating services you can’t expect other erotic services with her. If you need anything extra you have to talk with the girl and fix the deal. Dating girls will be available in the day time only.

16. I am staying in a hotel, I need the girl at my room, who will spend for her travelling?The client has to spend money for her travelling. He has to pay extra for the up and down cab by cash. And the client can book a cab online and make the payment himself also fine for me. As I have told the client should be disclosed about her check-in name and room details before the girl starting to her place.